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Micro Minerva Consultants
Limited was originally formed as a partnership in November 1983 and was incorporated into a private limited company on 8 May 1990. 

Our company's
expertise is in the design and development of financial systems to solve real-life business problems encountered by various international organisations. 

AZMAT System is an enterprise-wide multi-user password-protected Risk management and Front Office Dealing Room System for investment banks that has been developed over a period of eight man-years in Microsoft Excel. It has over 100 system files, 25 financial models (including 12 investment banking calculation models), a 200-page on-line Help Manual and over 16,000 lines of Excel Macro and VBA programming code.

It has been designed to work on a PC in all versions of Excel from Excel 5 to Excel 16 (Microsoft Office 2016), running under all versions of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 10.

At all times users have full access to their own spreadsheets and all Excel commands, in addition to 200 AZMAT System commands, so that they can develop their own sophisticated financial models while using AZMAT System.

AZMAT System represents the essence of the author's 17 years’ specialist knowledge and experience. 

It was developed over a period of eight man-years originally and a further three years in total were spent to ensure that the (same) main program file automatically detects and adapts to work under all versions of Excel from 5  to 16 (Microsoft Office 2016). 

It is an enterprise wide Risk Management and Front Office Dealing Room System.  It has been designed and developed as a decision-support system for bond traders mainly, but has 9 modules for several other financial instruments that are used by investment banks worldwide. 

The author of AZMAT System, representing Micro Minerva Consultants, has over a period of 17 years designed and developed about 34 major PC financial systems including 26 using Microsoft Excel for various international organisations such as: Goldman Sachs International; HSBC Midland (Midland Global Markets); Guinness Peat Aviation; and London Stock Exchange.

Some of these systems are still being used round-the-clock in the dealing rooms of the financial markets of New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and many other cities in Europe, Asia and the Far East.

The author, who has a BA degree from the Open University in the United Kingdom, has also designed and developed various computer courses and taught more than 500 people in four adult-education institutes in London on a part-time basis, over a period of two academic years.

The author has designed and developed quite sophisticated, user-friendly, menu-driven and powerful multi-user systems incorporating full security features, audit-trail and password controls at various levels, for dealers and sales personnel in the Capital Markets of various international organisations. For example:

*   Dealing-room systems for Eurobonds; Stocks and Warrants

*   Risk Management and Management Accounts

*   Traded Options and Technical Analysis

*   Aircraft Lease Pricing and Future Pricing

AZMAT Calculations Service and other Services that we plan to offer:
The author of AZMAT System has over five years' experience of trading full-time on the NASDAQ and SETS markets by placing orders directly on the electronic order books. He has personally traded 951 million UK shares with a total value of £348 million on the London Stock Exchange via SETS electronic order book. So he knows from several years' personal experience of making split-second decisions what a day-trader or medium-term investor needs; he has plans to provide AZMAT Calculations Service for stocks worldwide that hopefully would be really appreciated by both day-traders and medium-term investors. Our objective is to provide calculations that help you in your decision-making process; we will not be telling you to buy or sell any particular stock. The service will provide calculations for ALL the constituents of several stock market indices and apart from our website might also be available via a mobile or cellular phone.

If you have any comment please either use the form on the Comment page or contact us via e-mail azmat@azmat.com  with the words "AZMAT System" in the Subject field (entered automatically if this e-mail link is used) and please do not send any file attachments. 

You can also contact us via our postal address (for quicker response please use e-mail or Comment form).

Micro Minerva Consultants Ltd.
41 Temple Road
United Kingdom

Please always quote your unique Reference Code, if you have received it. 

If you are interested in AZMAT System for either  Commercial use   or   Educational use for a large number of people
 you would like to advertise YOUR BRAND in  1 to 30 Countries  on  25 to 1000 Technical Charts
   you are interested in any Partnership 

please contact us via email:  azmat@azmat.com  .

Note:  Only those Chart Groups are  UPDATED

Advertise YOUR BRAND in  1 to 30 Countries  on  25 to 1000 Technical Charts
The full range of 14 technical charts that we currently provide are displayed only for our example stock, British Airways.
We currently publish 1000 technical charts as follows:
 5 charts each of the top 5 selected stocks from each of the 15 groups,
 3 charts each of the 80 stock market indices, and
 2 charts each of ALL stocks in the Dow Jones DJIA, Hang Seng HSI and NIFTY 50 indices,
 plus some others not shown above.

If required, we can increase substantially the number of charts that we publish daily to 5000 as follows:
 14 charts each of the top 10 selected stocks from each of the 15 groups,
 14 charts each of the 80 stock market indices, and
 14 charts each of ALL stocks in the Dow Jones DJIA, Hang Seng HSI and NIFTY 50 indices. 
Various other technical charts, including comparison charts of several regional and world stock market indices.

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