Privacy Policy

Note that we may contact you via post or e-mail to inform you of other services if you complete any form on this site. 

However we will not use the telephone number that we ask for in the Registration Form, for any marketing purposes. 

We have never in the past given, sold, rented, hired or exchanged personal details of clients to or from a third party and we have no plans to do so in the future either. 

When you visit this site we do not place any information (cookies) on your computer.  However, if you clicked on any third party advertisements or links (to third party sites) from this site, it would help us and the third party if cookies were allowed on your computer.

Cookies are basically small text files that are stored on the visitors' computers by the majority of sites on the internet.  They are used by the sites to store information about a particular visitor (you) on the visitor's computer.  As cookies are text files, they can not run any program.  The sites that use them like to know who visited them, when and for how long, which pages were accessed and also whether or not the visitors clicked on any advertisements.

When you complete any Registration or Comment form on this site, apart from the information that we ask for such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address we also collect background information about the internet browser, operating system, date, time, name and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer that was used at the time of completing the form. 

In case of ordinary users, this background information is neither necessary nor used by us; it is very useful, however, when we need to track down the location and source of the computer or if any computer robots are used. 

Privacy Policy

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