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We Publish 1000 Technical Charts after Analysing 6000 Constituent Stocks of 44 Indices from 30 Countries:
Only those Chart Groups are  UPDATED DAILY  where we have either  PAID ADVERTISERS  or  PAID SUBSCRIBERS  for our service.  There are normally 25 charts in most groups but some groups have 60 to 100 charts. Currently we publish Charts of 18 Stock groups and 3 World Indices groups  (for details please Click ).

Our monthly subscription fee is 2999 for each Chart group.  Within a few days of receiving confirmation from our bank that the subscription fee has been paid into our bank account, we will start publishing the results of our analysis on a daily basis for that chart group and also technical charts of the top five selected stocks, for a period of one calendar month.

If you do not want to pay the above subscription fee but would like to see one or more Chart groups
UPDATED DAILY, the other option is to ask your BROADBAND Internet Service Provider (ISP) whether THEY can offer 'azmat Charts' as a Value Added Service with one of their broadband packages. Provided there is sufficient demand, we might be able to offer our 'Stock Selection and Charts Service' that is UPDATED DAILY at a much lower price per customer.

If you would like to advertise your business on our Charts, please send your initial enquiry via e-mail to  azmat@azmat.com  stating the Group(s) that you are interested in.  We will then contact you via telephone or e-mail to discuss your requirements and our charges. The full range of 14 technical charts that we provide are displayed for our example stock, British Airways.

Before completing the Registration Form (below) for any Charts service: 
If you have not already done so, please view and evaluate 14 Charts and data sheet of the Example stock, and charts of various stock groups and stock market Indices.  Please also read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Service before completing the Registration Form for any Charts service.

Our Charts service uses frames and if you can not view the example charts because your browser does not support frames, then please do not complete the Registration Form for any Charts service. 

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Please complete this Registration Form only if you want to see charts of one or more groups UPDATED DAILY and you are prepared to pay for our service.  If you are interested in only the FREE service, please do NOT complete this form.

Note:  By completing this Registration of Interest Form you are not committing to taking any Subscription service. 
We will let you know when there is sufficient demand and we can offer you the required service. 

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25 Charts & 5 Data Sheets are published for the Top 5 Stocks that are selected from each group, unless stated otherwise.

Far East  -  7 Chart Groups  ( FE_C, FE_J, FE_K, FE_H, FE_A, FE_N, FE_I )
  FE_C  China ( Shanghai Composite - SSE Composite Index 000001.SS - SSEC ; Hang Seng China 50 (A) , Hang Seng China AH Premium )
SSEC  (about 864 stocks) - Shanghai Composite Index - SSEC  000001.SS - Shanghai Stock Exchange

  FE_J  Japan ( NIKKEI 225 NIK-225 )
N225  (about 225 stocks) - Nikkei 225 Index - NIK-225 - Tokyo Stock Exchange

  FE_K  South Korea ( Seoul Composite - KOSPI Composite Index KS11 )
KS11  (about 752 stocks) - Seoul Composite Index - KOSPI - South Korea Stock Exchange

  FE_H  Hong Kong ( Hang Seng HSI , Hang Seng Composite , Hang Seng China Enterprises , Hang Seng China 50 (H) , Hang Seng China H-Financials )  - Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stocks from  6 Indices are analysed in 1 group:
Hang Seng HSI Index Stocks
Hang Seng Composite Index Stocks -
(about 200 stocks) -
Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Stocks
Hang Seng China 50 (H) Index
Hang Seng China AH Premium Index Stocks
Hang Seng China H-Financials Index Stocks

  FE_A  Hong Kong -  HSI_ALL  ( Charts for ALL Stocks in Hang Seng Index - HSI  -  Two charts for each stock ) - Hong Kong SE

  FE_N  Australia ( All Ordinaries Index AORD , S&P / ASX 50 AFLI  ); New Zealand ( NZX 50 )
AORD  (about 500 stocks) -  All Ordinaries Index - AORD - Australia Stock Exchange
AFLI  (about 50 stocks) -  S&P / ASX 50 Index - AFLI - Australia Stock Exchange
NZ50  (about 50 stocks) -  NZX 50 Index Gross - NZ50 - New Zealand Stock Exchange

  FE_I  Indonesia ( Jakarta Composite Index JKSE ); Singapore ( Straits Times STI ); Malaysia ( KLSE Composite Index - FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI )
JKSE  (about 383 stocks) -  Jakarta Composite Index - JKSE - Indonesia Stock Exchange
STI  (about 30 stocks) -  Straits Times Index - STI - Singapore Stock Exchange
KLSE  (about 30 stocks) - Composite Index - KLSE - Malaysia Stock Exchange

India  -  3 Chart Groups  ( IN_N, IN_S, IN_A )
- Seven IISL Indices of the National Stock Exchange of India, NSE
  IN_N  India ( S&P CNX Nifty - NIFTY 50 , CNX Nifty Junior , S&P CNX Nifty Shariah , CNX 100 , CNX Midcap and Nifty Midcap 50 Index)
( S&P CNX NIFTY  - Top 50 NSE stocks) -  traded on National Stock Exchange of India, NSE
( CNX Nifty Junior - 50 NSE stocks below top 50) -  traded on NSE
( S&P CNX Nifty Shariah - This Shariah-compliant index is derived from S&P CNX Nifty Index ) -  traded on NSE
( CNX 100 - Top 100 NSE stocks) -  traded on NSE
( CNX Midcap - 100 Midcap NSE stocks) -  traded on NSE
( Nifty Midcap 50 - 50 Midcap NSE stocks) -  traded on NSE

  IN_S  India ( S&P CNX 500 Shariah )
( S&P CNX 500 Shariah - about 240 stocks - This Shariah-compliant index is derived from S&P CNX 500 Index ) -  traded on NSE

  IN_A  India NF50_ALL ( Charts for ALL Stocks in S&P CNX NIFTY  -  Two charts for each stock ) -  traded on NSE

Europe and Middle East
  -  3 Chart Groups  ( UK_L, EU_1, EU_2 )
  UK_L  UK ( FTSE-100 , FTSE Mid-250 and FTSE All Share  -  SETS Segments SET1, STMM and SSMM )
United Kingdom -  FTSE Indices ( SETS ) Group  
SET1  (about 100 Top UK stocks) - FTSE-100 - SETS Segment SET1 - London Stock Exchange
STMM  (about 250 stocks below FTSE-100) - FTSE-Mid 250 - SETS Segment STMM - London Stock Exchange
SSMM  (about 258 stocks below FTSE-350) - FTSE SETS Segment SSMM - London Stock Exchange

  EU_1  EURO1
Stocks from  9 Indices ( 10 Countries in Europe ) are analysed in 1 group:
Germany ( DAX-30 Frankfurt SE ) , France ( CAC-40 Paris SE ) , Italy ( FTSE MIB - FTSEMIB.MI Milan SE ) 
( AEX Amsterdam SE ) , Belgium ( EURONEXT BEL-20 BFX Brussels SE ) 
( Swiss Market Index SSMI Zurich SE ) , Austria ( ATX Vienna SE ); Spain ( SMSI Madrid SE ) 
( DJ Euro STOXX 50 ) stocks traded on Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid and Dublin stock exchanges. 

EURO1 group stocks are selected from DAX-30 (Germany - about 30 stocks), CAC-40 (France - about 40 stocks), FTSEMIB.MI (Italy - about 39 stocks), AEX (Netherlands - about 21 stocks), Euronext BEL-20 BFX (Belgium - about 20 stocks), SSMI (Switzerland - about 22 stocks), ATX (Austria), SMSI (Spain) and DJ EURO Stoxx 50 (about 47 stocks traded on Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid and Dublin Stock Exchanges).

  EU_2  EURO2
Stocks from  4 Indices are analysed in 1 group:
Norway ( Total Share Index - about 160 stocks - OSLO Exchange All Share OSEAX - Oslo Stock Exchange )
( OMX Copenhagen 20
- about 20 stocks - OMXC20.CO Copenhagen Stock Exchange )
Ireland ( ISEQ Overall Price Index -
about 55 stocks -  ISEQ Dublin Stock Exchange )
( TEL-AV TASE-100 -
about 100 stocks - TA100 Tel Aviv Stock Exchange )

Americas  -  5 Chart Groups  ( US_N, US_S, US_A, CA_T, SA_1 )
  US_N  USA ( Dow Jones 30 DJIA DJI , NASDAQ-100 NDX , NASDAQ Canada CND )
Stocks from  3 Indices are analysed in 1 group:
DJ30 (about 30 stocks) - DJ-30  Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
N100 (about 100 stocks) - NASDAQ-100 Index
NCND (about 48 stocks) - NASDAQ Canada Index

  US_S  USA ( Standard and Poor's 500 Index - S&P 500 GSPC New York SE )
S500 (about 500 stocks) - S&P 500  Index  Standard and Poor's 500 - GSPC - New York Stock Exchange

  US_A  USA DJ30_ALL ( Charts for ALL Stocks in Dow Jones  DJIA Index  -  Two charts for each stock )

  CA_T  Canada ( S&P / TSX Composite GSPTSE Toronto SE )
TCMP (about 206 stocks) - Toronto Composite Index - S&P / TSX Composite Index  GSPTSE - Toronto Stock Exchange

  SA_1  Brazil ( BVSP IBOVESPA Sao Paulo SE ); Mexico ( IPC MXX Mexican SE ); Argentina ( MerVal Buenos Aires Index MERV )
Stocks from  3 Indices are analysed in 1 group:
BVSP  (about 64 stocks) - IBOVESPA Index - BVSP - Brazil, Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
MXX  (about 32 stocks) - IPC Index - MXX - Mexico, Mexican Stock Exchange
MERV  (about 11 stocks) - MerVal Buenos Aires Index - MERV - Argentina Stock Exchange


Charts of  about 80 Stock Market Indices  from 32 Countries, in three main groups ( WW1A, WW2D, WW3G ):

 3 charts and a Data sheet for each index are published (about 228 charts and about 80 data sheets in total).

  WW1A  -  Far East and India (about 29 indices from countries in the Far East including 18 indices from India) - see 'Home' page for details
  WW2D  -  Europe and Middle East (about 28 indices of 14 countries from Europe as well as Egypt and Israel ) - see 'Home' page for details  
  WW3G  -  Americas (about 19 indices from various countries including 15 indices from USA) - see 'Home' page for details  

  Other Group - Please provide details in the "General Comments" box below 

A Group Sheet will be published for each of the above Groups.
How often would you like the Group Sheet and/or Charts updated ?
 Daily              Weekly 

Note:  This is not an Order Form and you are not committing to taking any Subscription service.
Only those Chart groups are UPDATED DAILY, where there is sufficient demand.
Stock Selection and Charts Service for ALL the Groups that you have chosen:
Please enter the TOTAL Amount that you would like to pay per MONTH

Please enter the Currency (of the Amount) that you have entered above
( For example: British Pound, Indian Rupee, HK Dollar, Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Euro  etc. )

General Comments, if any: (not more than 5 lines please)

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Depending on the demand, we will let you know if and when we can offer the required service. 

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Other Groups
We can offer daily stock selection and charts services for any group of stocks, shares, commodities or currencies that are being traded anywhere in the world, subject to demand and availability of past two years' accurate daily closing prices data.  If you would like us to analyse any particular group please contact us via e-mail, Comment Form or complete the Registration Form. 

Note:  We manually publish on our site 5 charts and a data sheet for each selected stock, and a 'Group Sheet' that lists selected stocks of the day (and of the previous four days). The charts are published for the top 5 selected stocks in each group.  For Stock Market Index groups ( WW1A, WW2D, WW3G ) we publish a 'Group Sheet' and for each index, 3 charts and a data sheet.

We have also designed, developed and published over 80 technical analysis spreadsheets and charts files on EditGrid website. 
LIVE Technical Analysis Spreadsheets via Internet      and
LIVE Analysis of American Depositary Receipts ( ADRs ) of Hang Seng, Nikkei 225 and Nikkei 500
Note: Incoming data and any calculations based on them are delayed by at least 15 minutes in any file where access is provided FREE. This is because, to the best of our knowledge and belief, ALL data providers and stock exchanges charge for providing access to LIVE share prices data that is seconds old. Furthermore, they charge by the number of users.

LIVE Technical Analysis Spreadsheets on EditGrid website
Paying-Customers might be able to have a file that is updated every few seconds with no delay in incoming data. If you are interested in becoming a Paying-Customer please either complete our Charts Registration of Interest Form or send us an e-mail stating full name of the file, what you would be prepared to pay per user and the number of users. We will let you know via email, or by displaying a message on the file itself, whether there is sufficient demand and also whether it is technically possible to update that file every few seconds.


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